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About Us

Frequency, a division of Gmantra, is a team of passionate wellness professionals, sound healers, interior designers, and sound engineers who love spreading the divine form of Sound Meditation modality all around.


What We Do.

We set up Sound Spa at retreats, wellness centers, resorts, hotels, offices, homes, and gardens. From designing the interiors to installing the sound instruments, everything is taken care of by us. Your guests can experience a sound bath or undertake a personal sound healing session administered by trained staff to help with any type of ailments. If you have a space, we have the solution!


What is a Sound Spa?

A sound spa is a room, a hall, or a space where one can experience various sounds from healing-grade instruments like singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums, etc for complete relaxation of mind, body, and spirit.

Who can have a Sound Spa?

If you run a hotel, a resort, a wellness center, or have a spare room in your house, office, or housing complex, you can have a Sound Spa.

How much space is required to have a Sound Spa in my facility?

Ideally, a space where 8 to 10 participants can lie down and experience a sound bath. But if you have a space for 4 to 5 participants, it’s still good. A squarish space with at least 200 sq ft is good enough for an optimal experience of a sound bath.

Does it have to be an enclosed area to have a sound bath?

Not really, if you want, a sound bath can be conducted in an open area too. If you have a garden area, we can convert it into a Sound Garden.

Who will train the staff for conducting the sound baths?

We’ll train your staff so that he/she can conduct it independently.

What sort of instruments will be required?

After we’ve inspected the space, we’ll recommend the type of instruments that needs to be installed.

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Where to Find Us

C-801, Usha Garden
Ahimsa Marg, Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Maharashtra, India

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